Large fiber optic christmas trees, giant outdoor artificial trees

A Christmas tree is a special part of the Christmas celebration – it's a basis for the holiday décor, bringing festive cheer into every home and office. A Xmas tree adds some magic to the place, where it is installed, creating a warm and welcoming family atmosphere. 

In the recent couple of decades artificial xmas tree is gaining more and more popularity, gradually replacing natural trees on the market. The advantages of using, say prelit artificial xmas tree over the real one are more that obvious: they don't drop messy needles all over your floor, and don't need to be watered, due to the materials they’re made of, such trees are much safer. They don’t cause allergy, and are very compact in storage. An artificial tree will look good throughout all the celebration and can be used again for many years, being a very cost-effective solution, too. Moreover, there are many types, sizes and colors available on the market, so there won’t be any problem getting small artificial pine trees for your homes or giant christmas trees to be installed in the hall of a supermarket or a shopping mall.

Speaking of prelit artificial christmas tree, we can add one more reason why it is better, than the natural one – it comes ready decorated and is an ideal choice for people, who are pressed for time during the holidays. All you need to do is to assemble it (the process will take you no more than 5 minutes) and switch on the power to instantly light it. Just imagine how easily you can bring festive holiday mood into the place, where you set it up.  

The EuroChristmas Tree Company is one of the largest christmas tree wholesalers in the region. We are also working as a christmas tree manufacturer and our responsibility is to make the process of christmas tree production comply with the highest quality standards, ecological requirements and the most innovative technologies. All our products are made of eco-friendly materials.

The artificial xmas tree range of our company comes in a huge variety of types, sizes and styles, from compact outdoor christmas tree items to giant christmas trees, so we have something to fit for rooms of any sizes. The largest of the trees we sell reaches up to 90 meters in height and is well suited for outdoor applications. Such trees are used mostly for decoration of squares and streets; very often they are installed in front of city halls, other governmental buildings or commercial centers. In case, if you don’t need such large artificial trees, we are ready to offer you a wide selection of sizes, starting from 5.5-meter trees, which can be used not only as a part of street decor, but are also ideal for concert halls, supermarkets, trade centers, and cottages.

Every year we receive more and more contracts for outdoor artificial tree items. More and more customers choose to buy large artificial trees for outdoor applications because they are easily set up and the process of mounting such a tree requires less time and materials in comparison with natural tree installations. All the operations are simplified to the maximum thanks to a highly durable carcass, made of shaped tubes, which are quickly assembled into a single installation. The only thing left to do is to fill the tubes with artificial christmas tree branches, made of poly vinyl and line. The materials our trees are made of are durable, flame retardant for increased safety (unlike real trees), crush and fade resistant.  The attachment system is very elaborate; all the metallic details are covered with anticorrosive paint and zinc plating to prevent jamming, caused by corrosion, in the process of demounting. The branches can easily be folded out and shaped, and are strong enough to support heavy christmas tree decorations.  The foliage of the branches is fade-proof and imitates the soft and natural look of a real tree, allowing the beauty of the tree last for many Christmases to come. Among other services the EuroChristmas Tree company is also offering mounting and demounting of the indoor and outdoor christmas tree installations.

One of the things we at EuroChristmas Tree are especially proud of is our fiber optic christmas tree range of products. Although artificial tree lights, used on the christmas tress, are still considered an innovation, they have a lot of advantages over the traditional lights we’re used to. First of all, the fiber optic christmas tree radiates no heat and is therefore not a fire hazard. Using it you fully eliminate the danger of it catching fire. You won't have to close the lights of the tree for certain period just to cool them off. With a fiber optic christmas tree, you can leave them on for the longest periods of time without having to worry about overheating. Christmas led lights will also give you more options for decorating, you’ll be able to use materials you wouldn’t risk to put on artificial tree with lights that are usual. But safety is just one of the things that make a tree with Christmas led lights wonderful. If you'll notice, such trees look simply beautiful, especially in the dark, when the lights sparkle in a mesmerizing way.

Decoration is one of the integral parts of holiday preparation. A lot of people are pushed for time in the holiday period and decorating an outdoor christmas tree, as well as purchasing the decorations can be too unaffordable. We have solved this problem for you! Our creative designers have developed truly exclusive ways to decorate artificial pine trees and artificial firs. You can either buy an already decorated artificial tree from us, or get your tree decorated with artificial tree lights, bulbs and garlands. Being a christmas tree manufacturer and fully participating in the process of christmas tree production, the EuroChristmas Tree company is also selling already decorated artificial tree installations and led christmas tree decorations, including high quality led garlands, led play lights and other decorative artificial illumination elements of our own making and supplied by the largest European christmas tree wholesalers.

One of the decoration elements we pay the utmost attention to is the tree topper, adding the finishing touch to a beautiful and wealthy decorated outdoor artificial tree, as well as to a simple artificial tree with lights. We offer tree toppers of various sizes and shapes – from minuscule stars to car-sized crystals.

Except for our christmas tree production, installation and decoration services, we also possess the most innovative decorative illumination techniques, including belt lights, consisting of large bulbs, visible from significant distances. Such a technique is very popular in developing illumination designs for squares, streets, bridges and large buildings. Unlike christmas illumination, necessary only in the period of the celebration, belt lights are used to create festive atmosphere at any time of year.

EuroChristmas Tree is aimed at making the holidays memorable to our customers. We are dedicated to quality and the personal service we provide. Our wide choice of products and exclusive designs cannot be matched anywhere else, our commitment to beauty and innovation is praised confirmed by hundreds of customers we have served. All of our products come with a 1-year warranty and 2-year post-warranty service.

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