Happy New Year!

A bit of History

“EurochristmasTree” Company has a specialty in production of high-class artificial Christmas trees of different sizes and designs. Our artificial cone trees (fir tree and pine tree models) are designed to become a remarkable decoration for Christmas time and New Year’s festivities on the streets and squares, as well as in big shopping molls, concert halls and private mansions and houses. Our company has to offer our customers different kinds of Christmas toys and decorative lightings of famous world brands as well as our own production. Technical specialists and designers of “EuroChristmasTree” Company are always ready to provide for you various lighting designs and decorative models including unique Christmas toys, LED-garlands on the trees, Pixel animation models, and one of our favorites – fabulous lighting scenes at your own choice. Our company is not only active in production and sale of artificial cone trees, we also offer to our clients technical services of metal frames assembly, electric circuit adjustment as well as cone trees designing and decorating services. Our customers are entitled to 1 year warranty and 3 years post-warranty service. This is a motto of our company that goes “no Christmas tree looks good enough without impressive Crown on its top”.  
We know it for sure because the Tree crown has been a New Year’s brilliant for as long as these festivities have been celebrated. And that is the very reason our company pays a great deal of attention to the production of Christmas tree toppings . And there is a wide range of tree tops that our customers may choose from – starting from piquant stars and up to a fabulous Cristal Top the size of a Mini car. It is a sad fact that we have to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays only once a year, while the strategy of our company is to produce festive mood for our partners and customers all year round. That is why “EuroChristmasTree” Company is ready to offer our clients the decorative services of building facades, outdoor decorations in city streets and parks, we have different projects of landscape architectural designs, provide for exterior and interior decorations on facades and inside buildings, provide for neon and LED-lighting scenarios for outside and inside use. The fa?ade light decoration is not a simple business trend of our company, this is a part of our corporate philosophy – “make every single day an everybody’s Holiday”!